One shot many birds

Background: What would cater the nutritional needs of the poor people perennially? It is the question raised by commissioner after implementing the kitchen gardens, consequent to spiraling price rise of vegetables. Many people are not able to eat two curries a day. The hybrid seeds are short lived, giving a lot of gap in between. Also the seeds can not be gifted continuously. Which plant give more yield and 

Similarly, How to decrease the plastic material in the hotels and Tiffin centers? How to decrease the cost of leaflets to increase the consumption? How to stop the transportation to some extent of them from far off places?

How to protect the environment by adding economic value to plants? How to enthuse the poor people to participate in the environmental protection activities? How to generate income in selling the seedlings easily? Where the propagation of seedlings is easier and faster? 

How to stop the water logging in the areas like suryapet, where more tanks are exists in the town? 

All the above questions are answered with a single plant that is Banana (curry variety).

Sponsors: Once again the “Council for Green Revolution” has come to the rescue of Suryapet Municipality and provided 2000 Banana plants, in addition to 1000 other nutritional and ornamental plants. These plants were brought from Kadium Nursery. The transportation is provided once again by Meela satyanarayana, ex-chairperson, suryapet Municipality.

 The poor areas are selected, so as distribute the plants in clusters such as Indiramma colony, B.V.Colony,sainikpuri,etc. This enables to cut down leafs to supply them to the intended hotels, etc. In the selection process, the water logging areas and areas around the tanks are also given priority. The areas around the hotels are also given the priority to easy transport. Some philanthropic persons and organizations are also given banana plants, so as to supply the seedlings easily.

 There were myths among the people that whether banana plant can be had in front of the house as it is told to be harmful by elders. Commissioner has to explain that he has banana plants in his house and nothing has happened. Some people have their homes in banana farms and they are becoming millionaires. Many people use banana plants in every day prayer. If nothing is happened to them, nothing would happen to us also.

Expected outcomes:

• Consumption of plastic would go down with the easily available banana leafs locally.
• The pollution of transportation of leaves would be also go down from far off places.
• Environment is protected with more number of plant populations.
• It would continuously increase the greenery in surrounding areas.
• Mosquito population would go down with decrease in water logging.
• It would provide additional curry for many poor with low cost and it would show impact on prices of vegetables.
• Nutritional levels of many poor would be increased.
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