Suryapet @Assembly constituency

 is the legislative assembly, that includes the city, Suryapet in Telangana, India. This constituency is currently held by TRS leader, Guntakandla Jagadish Reddy. It is one of the 12 constituencies in Nalgonda District. Suryapet assembly constituency is part of Nalgonda (Lok Sabha constituency) from 2009. Previously it was part of Miryalguda (Lok Sabha constituency)



Education minister 

Extent of Suryapet Assembly Constituency

NoMandal Name
2Atmakur (S)

Members of the Legislative Assembly

AssemblyDurationName of MLAParty
Hyderabad Legislative Assembly (Gen.)1952-56Bommagani Dharma BhkshamPeople's Democratic Front (Hyderabad)
Hyderabad Legislative Assembly (Res.)1952-56Uppala MalsoorPeople's Democratic Front (Hyderabad)
First AP Legislative Assembly (Gen.)1956-57Bommagani Dharma BhikshamPeople's Democratic Front (Hyderabad)
First AP Legislative Assembly (Res.)1956-57Uppala MalsoorPeople's Democratic Front (Hyderabad)
Second AP Legislative Assembly (Gen.)1957-62Bheemireddi Narasimha ReddyPeople's Democratic Front (Hyderabad)
Second AP Legislative Assembly (Res.)1957-62Uppala MalsoorPeople's Democratic Front (Hyderabad)
Third AP Legislative Assembly1962-67Uppala MalsoorCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
Fourth AP Legislative Assembly1967-72Uppala MalsoorCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
Fifth AP Legislative Assembly1972-78Yedla GopaiahIndian National Congress
Sixth AP Legislative Assembly1978-83Annumulapuri ParandamuluIndian National Congress
Seventh AP Legislative Assembly1983-85Eda DeviahIndependent
Eighth AP Legislative Assembly1985-89Daida SundaraiahTelugu Desam Party
Ninth AP Legislative Assembly1989-94Akarapu SudarshanTelugu Desam Party
Tenth AP Legislative Assembly1994-99Akarapu SudarshanTelugu Desam Party
Eleventh AP Legislative Assembly1999-04Dosapati GopalIndian National Congress
Twelfth AP Legislative Assembly2004-09Vedas VenkaiahIndian National Congress
Thirteenth AP Legislative Assembly2009-14Ramreddy Damodar ReddyIndian National Congress
Fourteenth AP Legislative Assembly2014-incumbentGuntakandla Jagadish Reddy Telangana Rashtra Samithi

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