Pro-poor policies in water supply

Aim: The poor shall not suffer with spiraling price rises. He is the priority of the Government. His needs should be catered in the Urban Planning and governance.

Activity: The tap connections were given to poor people on low cost (donations), which were higher earlier and modified as per the instructions of the Government. The connections given @1200 are 2474 in number. The connections given @200 are 2799 in number. Giving the connections to poor is taken up in true spirit.

All the slum areas are connected with the water supply pipe lines. The duration of supply of water is on par with the non-slum areas.The construction of tanks are also taken near to the poor localities.

Government has instructed to run the water supply on no loss and no profit basis. The tariff has to be increased. But poor cannot bare much burden. Hence, only 20 rupees per month is increased from 60 Rupees. Where as tariff for poor is 100 rupees per month.

For the benefit of poor, single day disposal of tap connections are initiated in Indiramma colony. From the clerk to commissioner and chairperson was sitting on the same table and disposing the applications accordingly on the same day in the locality of the beneficiaries. 

Three days earlier to the programme, an IEC campaign was conducted with the help of local plumbers to submit the applications of the residents. The Building license surveyors are also summoned to sketch the drawings expeditiously and without expecting much from the poor people. This made the things easier for all the poor people in accommodating in the new colony. They need pray or beg or represent from table to table at least for 15 days, which is prescribed under the citizen charter. 


• Quality water is available to poor on low cost. Otherwise, the expenditure on purchase of water would go up.
• It also ensures the health of the poor, as water is source of many ill- healths.
• The saved money can be spent on other activities such as education, nutrition, etc.
• It has over all impact on the quality life of poor.

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