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More the energy we use, more we are contributing for the carbon dioxide emission. There by we are contributing for Global Warming. Indian Coal Consists Considerable amount of sulpher. Excessive use of coal in thermal power stations results in acid rains and other environmental damages, ultimately leading to Global Warming and Climate change. 

Municipalities have the capability of saving a lot of energy even up to 40%. The saving initiatives in Suryapet Municipality are as follows:


Generally more than 30 minutes are wasted before sunset and after sunrise while switching on and off respectively. Instead of 11 hours lights are on for 12 hours. That means 9% of energy is being wasted without utilization. In case of some municipalities, it is much more than calculation. 
After arrival of the present Commissioner B.Srinivas, more number of persons are deployed to switch off the lights. Staff also has shown great discipline by starting switching off at 5.30 a.m. at sharp.In the summer it is little earlier. Earlier the business of switching on was in the hands of electricity and in indiscipline manner. The responsibility was taken back in to the hands of Municipality. The switching on was systematized. It saved a lot of energy and saved the amount.


It is natural habit of the public representatives to use higher luminescence of lights unnecessarily. 

If not only drains the wealth of the municipalities on capital cost but also a constant drain on the energy costs. Such anomalies in the lighting should be discontinued. 

SOL: As per the standardization chart supplied by BEE, Urban administrators should discontinue use of higher wattage luminaries. (See page for table as annexure).


400 250 37.5%
250 150 40%
150 70 53.33%
70 40 42.85%

In addition to this alternate Lighting of higher wattage of lights is proposed by the assistant engineer Sri.Rajkumar. The same is continued and saved a lot of energy and money. 


Suryapet Municipality has purchased only 36 watt tube lights.It saves about 4 watts for each tube light. The Tube light fixture is available for almost same cost. Thus, saving a lot of energy.


Due to lack of main lines, in most of the Municipalities, we hear and watch the glowing of lights for 24 hours. It wastes a lot of precious energy. 

Even in absence of main lines Municipality has provided DP mains (Individual Switches). Even if municipal staff does not worry of switching on / off, At least a benevolent person takes care about it. In addition to this the proposals for 3rd wire was also sent to save the energy permanently.

4. ESTABLISHMENT OF MCB ‘S: There are no MCBs to switch on/off the lights. It use to waste the energy and short circuit use to take place very frequently. The MCBs are procured. The same is to be installed soon.

5. Starting the switching off operation from central lighting saves a lot of energy. Staff should is enlighten in the technicalities to enable to save energy and for sustenance of reforms. 


The CFL is also tested and proved that they are giving good illumination. In future the number has to be increased.

The LED lights are also tested. The illumination is good but its spreading is comparatively less.

The energy saving initiatives in the water supply is as follows:

On fixing of capacitors to motors P.F. value of system improved and it also saved the energy. Many municipalities in A.P. have profited by installing capacitors. About 30% energy and money is saved through this initiative.

2. Direct Pumping:

Earlier the pumping use to be take place from Dosapahad(Nagarjun Sagar Left Canal) in two stages. Now it is proposed to do in single stage by installing the higher stage pumps, i.e.125 H.P. V.T. Pumps. It saves a lot of energy and money.

3. Gravity:

The Distribution use to be through pumping and consumes a lot of energy. The former chairperson sri.Meela Satyanarayana has formulated proposal for gravity distribution. The same is expedited and would be started soon, leading to saving energy and money.


Power bores are constant drain of energy and revenue of municipality without any realization. In some municipalities power bores are necessary during scarcity period. In 2009, Bore wells were used even after completion of Water Supply improvement Scheme. The present Commissioner has discontinued the Bore wells and saved a lot of energy and money.

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