Can we make suryapet a solar city?

Already suryapet municipality has initiated energy saving initiatives in the street lighting, watersupply ,etc. The same is elucidated in the blog with a caption of energy saving.Some initiatives are also taken in private sector also.

Exemplary initiatives taken in energy conservation /renewable energy by the private sector:

1. Suryapet Municipality initiated a programme by encouraging each employee to purchase one solar light.

2. Municipal Commissioner convinced one private Junior College and Sudhakar P.V.C. Company to replace the existing lighting systems with L E Ds and succeeded in implementing the same by them. 
3. Solar LED/ CFL inverters were installed in (16) houses including staff houses. The Bankers were requested to arrange loans for the same, steps are taken to schedule the loan re-payment at affordable level and EMI fixed is almost equal to the saving.
4. 15 Solar lanterns were supplied to poor people through NED CAP, on subsidy. 
5. 2000 Solar lanterns were supplied to staff of other departments & people in the town.

6. 66 solar lanterns were supplied to staff of Suryapet Municipality. 
7. 500 solar fans were supplied in Suryapet town.
8. One electrical shop has come forward to sell the solar inverters by having tie up with local Bank for soft loan and subsidy through NABARD..


Municipality has enough expertise in solar energy. The head of town planning wing is responsible for installing solar utilities in all the new buildings. Sanitary Inspector is responsible for installing solar utilities in commercial establishments. Municipal Engineer is responsible for implementing the project and installation in office, water works, etc.

The town presidents of all parties would be members of local expert group. The hon’ble M.L.A. would chair the expert group. 


Suryapet municipality wants to apply for the solar city programme. As a part of that municipality has to ensure certain conditions, such as following the Solid Waste Management Rules, Rain water harvesting, etc.The same is being followed already.

Political willingness

On 24-03-2012 an all party meeting is convened by the special Officer sri.G.P.Neelakantam, where in all the parties have expressed the willingness to encouraged the programme.Hon’ble M.L.A has recommended for implementation of the programme.

Administrative willingness

The staff has shown their willingness to participate in the programme.All of them including the commissioner and special officer sir has also realized the importance of involving many people.The district collector sir has also agreed orally for the proposal.


Presently the subsidies are available .NABARD is offering subsidies @36% and beneficiary contribution is 14% and rest of the 50% would be the loan.Presently solar inverters are being supplied by the Andromeda company.The EMI payment for the purchase of 30000 rupees inverter is only 250 rupees and interest @6% per annum.
Bankers’ willingness
The need of implementing the scheme is explained to the Bankers during the Town Level Banker’s Committee meeting. Consequently, APGVB has grounded 16 solar inverters. Their cooperation is tremendous. The manager has also agreed to ground not less than 1000 units in the next one year. Other managers are also on the way to do the same.

Participation of companies

Some companies are already expressed the willingness to participate in the solar city programme.The are ready to express their willingness for deployment of additional staff for the purpose of motivation, execution, installation and servicing.


Information, Education and Communication is the key point in achieving the desired results. The same would be done by both companies and Suryapet Municipality. The pamphlets, wall paintings, press clippings, city cable scrolling would be done.


There is every possibility of achieving the targets of solar city in short duration, as there is large scale willingness in every corner in the town. In addition to this, it is in implementation in short scale. Hence, it is now the responsibility of the people under guidance of suryapet municipality, a complete environmental town by implementing solar city programme.

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