Adoption of hostels by Suryapet Municipality

Aim: To adopt the hostels in the suryapet town for the overall development of hostels by arranging the tuitions through the retired but not tired teachers and other interested persons, providing library books, arranging deficit infrastructure of water, toilets, and lights, fans through the philanthropic persons. Also providing the medical facilities at low cost or no cost and training those in yoga and ayurveda.To grow the medicinal and nutritional plants in the premises of hostels.
Basis: The Commissioner and director of Municipal Administration and District Collector envisage adopting the hostels and working for the development of hostels through the retired but not tired persons. 

Expected outcomes: 

To provide better facilities to the students staying in hostels.
• To reduce the dropout students.
• To increase the literacy levels in the neglected classes.
• To increase caring feeling in children.
• To increase the number of children in the hostels.
• To train the brains of the students in a better way.
• To provide useful community work for retired but not tired people.
• To inculcate knowledge about great people and leaders of India and India.
• To bring down the disparities among the people.
• To provide opportunities to the people who want to serve.

• To bring down the anemia in students.

Activity: Contacted the old age association and Retired employees association. The willingness of Municipality to adopt the all the hostels in the suryapet town on the auspicious day of Birthday of Babu Jagjeevanram is declared. On the same day, a meeting is convened involving above two associations, IMA,Hostel Welfare Officers, Asst. B.C. Welfare Officer, Assistant Social Welfare Officer, Municipal staff, and N.G.Os.

On the birthday of phule, books, fans are donated to the hostels duly collecting from the Vasavi club, Municipal employees union, Mother Theresa B.Ed college. On the birthday of Ambedkar, some philanthropists have declared gifts of water filters. Many more works have to be taken up in future.

Lessons learnt:

• Many numbers of people have to be involved for better results.
• To delegate hostels to Municipal staff.
• Many people exist to help out poor in society, but they are not or poorly explored.
• This work is not a burden but to be viewed as service to poor.

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