Intintiko usiri 2012

It is a programme to plant and protect one Amla plant per a house in collaboration with forest department and with active participation of Vasavi Club duly involving the school children and SHGs. Municipal Commissioner went to AVM School,Anjali School, Navodaya school, Maruthi School, Teja school and created the awareness about the advantages of Amla plant as follows:

 • Amla is the richest source of Vitamin C and it has many vitamins and minerals. Thus it can cure the anemia prevalent in our country. It also acts as immunity booster. • It can prevent cancer though its anti- oxidants presence. • It has been used as food since long time and it has many chemical properties. • It acts as a digestive. • It prevents the diabetics. • It also stimulates the liver. • It is used as hair tonic. • Many ayurvedic medicines such as triphala, chyavaprash has Amla as its main constituent • It is believed that it also cures the ill effects of Radiation.

The plant has the power of healing effect and it is one of the highest oxygen giving plants. Thus also stimulates the activeness in children. It is believed in Ayurveda that Srimahavishnu stays on this plant. In the karthika masa, many Hindhus visit and pray this plant to heal their illness.

 Teachers were asked to give the plants to the children who dig the pit and record the name and telephone number of child. It was also requested to announce prizes to the students who take care in sustaining. Sensitizing programmes were also conducted among the SHGs.The plants were distributed in vijaya colony and 22nd ward.Block plantation is taken up in the open places protected in the 22nd ward at two places.

 In this regard , Vasavi club has taken up awareness programmes by going to some households. They have also published a pamphlet illustrating the advantages of Amla and amla plant. In addition to this the advantages of protecting the plants are also explained during the sensitizing programmes.
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