Thursday, August 28, 2014

HUDCO Award to SURYAPET Municipality

HUDCO Award to SURYAPET Municipality

Suryapet Municipality has won the HUDCO Award under environmental 

management category. 

The following are the areas of the work submitted for the award

 • Tree plantation 

• Lake water conservation

 • Solid Waste management

 • Energy saving

• Kitchen gardens 

• Herbal park 

• Solar energy.

 On 25-04-2012 Sri.B.Srinivas, Commissioner, Suryapet Municipality has received 

the award, appreciation, one lakh cheque from the auspicious hands of Kum.shelja, 

Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. Sri.A.K.Mishra,secretary, 

HUPA and Sri.Baligar,CMD,HUDCO were also present in the function. (The details 

are already existing in the form of posts.The interested persons can read the posts 

for comprehensive knowledge.)

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